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Project Description
The focus of this project, is to provide a utility that will allow someone to understand all Queries within an instance of AX 2012, that can be OData Feeds.

The idea is that these OData feeds, become the source for empowering PowerPivot Personal BI artifacts. There are certain specific criteria in which an AOT Query Element must meet, in order to be considered as a valid OData Feed, based on the System ODataQueryService Service.

You can find our more here.: OData of Death Post

With this in mind, this project is actually targeted to be two things. First an Dynamics AX 2012 RTM & Feature Pack version targeted, Utility that is a Wizard for parsing the AOT for queries that could be good candidates for OData feeds, via Document Data Sources. You can mark the one's you want to add, and it will tell you the one's already in place.

Further, you can highlight a Query Element in the AOT, right click and select Add-in's > OData Query Check. This will run the logic to see if the specific query is added already, or can be added as a valid OData Query, as a Document Data Source.

The second focus, and one that will be developed moving forward, and hopefully with a more community effort behind it even, is Open Source Query Elements, that bridge common data, or represent common data sets that users need, but is not supplied as an Out-of-the-box query.

This should be split into: Standard, Enterprise, Distribution, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Services or Retail. Micro-Verticals should not be used for folder structure or classification. Further explanation, if for example HCM or HR focus, then that would fall into Enterprise or Standard, depending on tables and targeted data.

Like all things, heavily customized tables, represent by a query would not be a target candidate for this library.

The following walk through will take you from start to finish with creating a personal BI artifact, in PowerPivot, based on a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Query, via Document Data Sources, as OData feeds.

Dynamics AX 2012 RTM or Feature Pack Targeted
Persoanl BI By Example Part I
Persoanl BI By Example Part II
Persoanl BI By Example Part III

Further, the query referenced in the Part I post, is now apart of this project, living under \\ODataQueryLib\\Standard\\query_CustomerAging.xpo


To get started with this project, make sure and read through the Documentation on this site. Once reading through the documentation, most all questions you might have can be answered. Further feel free to start a Discussion on a specific topic, request. Finally - Finally, ask to join and contribute to the growth of this project!

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