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Make sure that you start with reading the ReadMe.txt File.

Install Instructions.:

The following is the documentation for installing the AX-OData Query Utility.: Install Guide


The following is the documentation for making use of the AX-OData Query Utility.: How To Use Guide

Further, the following link is a very good write up that also explains the use of OData Feeds for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.: MSDN Blog - OData Query Service

Further, the following is a broader look at Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, from MSDN.: What's New: Reporting for Developers in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (AX 2012)

Finally, the following is a great Ch. 9 Video from May 2011, on Killer PowerPivot Visualizations.: Killer Real-World PowerPivot Examples


Make sure to use the issue tracker to submit any and all bugs.: Issue Tracker

External Write ups

The following section is a set of links to external write up's for this project.: - OData Query Utility for Dynamics AX 2012 Story on this project.: Empowering Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Users with Personal BI: A New Tool for the Community

Interesting Links

This is pretty cool actually.: Microsoft Business Intelligence at a Glance Poster

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