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Update Utility checks for Update & Key fields


The logic for checking the Queries, if they are valid for OData feeds needs to be updated, to include a check to see if the first data source, has it's Update property set to "Yes". Alert if such.

Further, need to make sure that the update can check so that key fields in data sources, based on indexes are checked. This is for making sure a unique key exists for such OData feeds.


mtortorice wrote Dec 19, 2012 at 6:05 PM

Can you provide a little clarification to this post:
Is the Update property supposed to be set to "Yes", or "No"
and when the Document Data Source has been removed, but the data source still shows up in the drop down list under Data Source name, could that cause the issue to continue to occur?
how would you go about removing the invalid Data Source from the Document Data Sources completely?

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